Getting Adventurous at The South Seas Tiki Lounge

Tucked away in a cute little alley off of Ann Street in downtown Charleston lies a brand new tiki bar called, “The South Seas Tiki Lounge”. We were able to try out their happy hour on opening night, which was this past Friday night and it was definitely not your average Charleston happy hour experience. Walking up to the bar, we were given brightly colored leis to wear and the outdoor tables were surrounded by tiki torches. The inside of the bar was a lot smaller than we expected and because it was opening night, the bar was packed full of people waiting for their drinks. When we got up to the bar, we were told that they only had 1 drink on special. It was called the “Mermaid Trap” and was being sold for $5. It consisted of white rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cream of coconut and mango puree. The drink was a bit small, so we decided to just go for one of their other cocktails that was not on special called “Between the Sheets”, which was being sold for $11 (definitely not in our budget!). There were a few other cocktails being sold for $11 and the rest were being sold for $12. The bar was also selling small plates of food, but we did not order any because the bar was just too jam packed and we thought it might take awhile to get our food. In addition, we felt that we had spent plenty just on our cocktails!

image2 (5)


Overall, the bar had a great vibe and definitely had the perfect tiki bar, beach-like feel, but we would not suggest this as a good place to go if you are on a budget like we are! The drinks are very pricey and though the wine and beer was on special, along with the “Mermaid Trap”, we had hoped that they would have more of the cocktails on special, since those are what tiki bars are all about!



Despite our not-so-affordable experience at the South Seas Tiki Lounge, we did have fun trying out a new Charleston hot spot and would definitely suggest checking it out if you’re feeling adventurous!


~Ashley and Laura

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