Introducing….Charleston Beer Runners!

One of Ashley and I’s favorite ways to work off all the food we eat is through running, and this week we decided to feature our favorite group of runners, the Charleston Beer Runners! Beer and running..could there be anything better??

Charleston Beer Runners (CBR for short) is a group of running fanatics who meet every Thursday night at a gazebo in Hampton Park in downtown Charleston. Every week the group runs to a different bar, usually on the peninsula, but sometimes venturing out to the Avondale area in West Ashley, or even occasionally running over the bridge on Saturday mornings to have brunch in Mt. Pleasant! They are very well known and favored by many bars and restaurants in Charleston, and therefore are given great discounts on beer and food (sometimes its even free!).

This week, Ashley and her husband went for a visit back to their hometown, so Laura’s roommate Shampa filled in for Ashley. Together, she and Laura participated in the group’s weekly run and ran to Cooper River Brewery, located in the very tip of the northern end of the peninsula. The brewery was giving everyone who participated in the run a $4 special on all their beers on tap! After a very hot run, Shampa indulged in the Watermelon Wheat beer and Laura enjoyed her favorite Cooper River Brewery beer, the Golden Ale. The Watermelon Wheat was very crisp and refreshing and despite its name, was not overpowering in the watermelon flavor. It was the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and refreshing. The Golden Ale is Laura’s favorite because it’s perfectly crisp, not too bitter, and extremely refreshing (perfect for hot summer weather!).


To sum this up, if you want some great deals on good craft beer and sometimes even food, you like to run (or walk!), you should definitely consider joining the Charleston Beer Runners. We’ve been running with the group almost every week for about a year and have loved every minute of it. It’s a great way to explore the Charleston food and bev scene, while also getting the chance to make new friends. Cheers!


~Laura and Ashley





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