$5 Gourmet Sandwiches at Persimmon Cafe!

This week we tried out a small hidden gem in downtown Charleston called Persimmon Cafe. It’s located on the corner of Calhoun and Smith Street and every Monday night through August 28, they will be offering up $5 gourmet sandwiches from 4pm-9pm! We know we’re not giving you much time to try these amazing sandwiches for such an affordable price, but the good news is that these sandwiches are still quite cheap, even when they’re not on this happy hour special. Most sandwiches range anywhere from $6-$10, so it’s still pretty affordable and well worth it for how delicious they are! They also offer a year-round monthly special called “Date Night” on the third Thursday of the month where they offer 2 sandwiches, 2 sides, 2 drinks, and a custard to share, all for $20!

We both decided to try one of their featured sandwiches of the day, which was the Asparagus Panini with red onion, brie cheese, asparagus and fig-red wine jam. We asked to get ours on multi-grain bread, but they were out so we went with naan bread, recommended by one of the employees. It was seriously to die for! The asparagus was crisp and fresh and the brie was perfectly melted and was practically oozing out of our sandwiches as we dug in. The best thing about it (besides the cheese of course) was the fig-red wine jam, which added the perfect amount of sweetness to the sandwich.

Charleston Foodies On a Budget_Persimmion Cafe2Charleston Foodies On a Budget_Persimmion Cafe

You should also know that this place is a top-notch spot for custard and cookies. They are known for their Nutella custard topped with torched marshmallows(they literally torch the marshmallows right in front of you). We were going to get it for dessert, but ended up getting a FREE chocolate chip cookie, due to the employees feeling bad about running out of multigrain bread. Obviously it’s not the norm to get free food here, but sometimes you can get lucky! 😉

Charleston Foodies On a Budget_Persimmion Cafe3

We absolutely adore this cafe for its fun and quirky vibe and also the fact that its inside the College of Charleston laundromat. It’s basically a win-win. You can get your clothes washed AND enjoy a delectable gourmet sandwich all at the same time! Does life get any better?? They also rotate their menu, which makes it great because there is always something new to try. Persimmon also has a location in Summerville, so if you live around that area, you don’t have to worry about coming all the way to downtown Charleston to try these mouth-watering sandwiches.

To sum this up, if you want to try some AMAZING gourmet sandwiches for a super affordable price, give Persimmon a try. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 

~Ashley and Laura

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