Hurrication Fun at Lola

No thanks to Hurricane Irma, our food blogging plans got switched around/delayed a bit this week. Fortunately, there were quite a few fearless restaurants that stayed open this weekend, so we were able to alter our plans a bit.

We had intended to visit Workshop this week to try out their two new stalls, Sambar and Slider Gold, but unfortunately they closed on Saturday in preparation for the storm, and are not reopening until Thursday. Real bummer, man.

We weren’t going to let Irma or the closing of Workshop this weekend stop us from enjoying our hurrication! On Friday, we decided to go to happy hour at Lola in North Charleston’s Park Circle. Lola is a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant with real, authentic down home southern Louisiana style cajun food. They had great happy hour specials on drinks, and Laura went with their $3 happy hour champagne, which was deliciously bubbly and sweet. They had $4 house wines and special prices on their cocktails as well!


We had already eaten, but our friends who were with us ordered some food off their dinner menu, which we would say is a bit on the pricey end, though quite delicious. They let us try some of their food, which is pictured below. They got the Gumbo Fries and the Shrimp Etouffee. The Gumbo Fries costed $8 and the Shrimp Etoufee costed $14. Although these prices may seem a bit high, we can say that you definitely get a good bang for your buck in the portion size. The Gumbo Fries were delicious. They were smothered in a creamy Cajun sauce called “Gumbo Yaya” and had some cubes of chicken mixed in as well. They were topped with a pepper jack cheese sauce. It was a great mix of flavor, though a bit on the heavy side with being smothered in the Gumbo Yaya and cheese, but we did think that the chicken was a good addition to it. It’s not too often that you’d find chicken mixed in with a bowl of fries!

The Shrimp Etoufee was our favorite among the two dishes. The dish consisted of a stew of smothered shrimp with rendered andouille sausage, served over white rice. The stewed shrimp was extremely flavorful and perfectly creamy, and the rice was the perfect compliment to the creaminess of the shrimp. It made it seem not quite so heavy as the fries and made it a very hearty dish. The Etouffe was served with a square of cornbread, which was deliciously sweet, but not too sweet and made for a perfect side.



We hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy storm, though we are thankful that the brunt of it will not be hitting Charleston! We will be heading to Workshop as soon as it opens back up later this week, so stay tuned!

~Laura and Ashley

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