Birthday Celebrating at Cane Rhum Bar

On Thursday, September 28 I celebrated my 26th birthday! My parents took me out for a surprise dinner at a place I have been wanting to go for quite a while – Cane Rhum Bar! Cane is a small Caribbean style restaurant and bar located on East Bay Street. When we got to the restaurant, we decided to start off our celebrating with cocktails at the bar! The bartender was nice enough to give me a free birthday cocktail called “The Painkiller”, which consisted of Pusser’s Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut Coco Real, and nutmeg. The cocktail was extremely delicious and it was hard to stop myself from gulping it down too fast! It was very well crafted and made me feel like I really was drinking a rum cocktail in the Caribbean! It was perfectly fruity, tangy, and tropical-tasting. The cocktails were in the $9-$12 range, so if you want to try one of these cocktails on the cheap, we would definitely suggest going during happy hour!


After finishing our drinks, we moved to a table for dinner. My mom ordered various small plates for us all to share. The first thing I tried was called The Haitian Groat, which consisted of marinated tender fried pork, plantain chips, a spicy vinegar slaw, and garlic herb oil. This pork was some of the best pork I have ever tasted. It was super tender and full of tropical flavor. You could tell that it had been marinated in a sauce that had both a sweet and tangy flavor to it, giving it a very unique taste. The plantain chips were super crisp and provided a perfect complement to the pork, and the slaw gave the dish the exact amount of spice it needed. Unfortunately I somehow failed to get a picture of this dish, but the presentation was beautiful and it looked delectable. I would definitely suggest ordering this!

Next, I had the Trini Style Coconut Curry Roti, which consisted of boneless chicken thighs (you can also get lamb belly), potato, rice and beans, and a soft thin bread. Curry is one of my favorite foods, and this curry was definitely winning in my book. It was mildly spiced and had beautiful fresh veggies mixed in with it, including okra!


Next, I had the Mighty Jerk Chicken, which is marinated for 24 hours in spicy molasses and is served with a few sweet plantains and their special house made chutney. This chicken was spectacular. It was tender and very well cooked and you could definitely taste hints of the spicy molasses when you bit into it. I enjoyed topping my chicken with the tomato chutney, which added some tang to the spice. The plantains were the perfect complement to the chicken, providing some sweetness to the dish.


We also shared a plate of the sweet plantains which were delicious. We loved the sweetness of the glaze on top and we could tell that the plantains they used were very fresh.


The prices of these dishes seemed a bit hefty at first, ranging between $10-$20 for each small plate, however they were very high quality dishes and even just after eating two of them, I was feeling full. I would also say that the meat was very high quality, and it’s not often that you can find high quality meat for less than $20. Therefore we would say that if you decide to check out Cane Rhum Bar, take a big group with you and get a bunch of the small plates like my parents and I did and split the cost, and you’ll end up eating a very high quality meal for half the price (maybe even more than half) of what you’d be spending at a fancy steakhouse.


What a wonderful birthday it was! 🙂


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