Pho-Real Good Food at Riso Noodle House

This weekend I had a friend in town and on Monday night she was really craving some Pho. I figured what better place to try than Riso Noodle House, conveniently located right next to my favorite gym, 9 Round (owned by Ashley and her husband, Brandon!). Ashley was not able to accompany me this time, as she is out of town this week, so I went with my friend who was in town and a few of my other Pho-loving friends. I have tried Pho at a couple other Asian restaurants in Charleston, but I had yet to try Riso!

As soon as we walked into Riso Noodle House, we already could tell we were in for something good. The restaurant was very casual, yet still possessed a very authentic feel. We thought we were just coming for Pho, but ended up spending about 20 minutes looking over the menu because everything just looked so good! My friend Candice ended up ordering the Pho Nami Noodle bowl, my friend Katie ordered the Kimchi Noodle Soup, my friend Michelle ordered the Miso soup, as well as a side of Veggie Yaki Soba Noodles, and her boyfriend Mike ordered the Chicken Fried Rice, and I ordered the full-sized dish of the Veggie Yaki Soba Noodles.

My Yaki Soba Noodle dish had a beautiful presentation and when it was placed in front of me, I couldn’t wait to dive in. The portion size was perfect as well. However, after a few bites of it, it seemed a bit too salty to me and I was not able to finish it. That’s when I decided to sample some of the other dishes my friends ordered. I tried my friend Katie’s Kimchi Noodle Bowl first. It contained a bit too much seafood for my liking, but was a very beautiful and plentiful dish that she thoroughly enjoyed! Next I tried Candice’s Pho Nami Bowl. This quickly became my favorite of the three dishes I tried! The broth was full of various unique flavors and wasn’t too heavy. The meat in the dish consisted of beef, meatballs and tripe and each were seasoned quite well and carefully placed right on top of the noodles, creating the most beautiful presentation. I liked it so much that Candice and I ended up swapping meals! I definitely plan on coming back to try their other Pho bowls.

This restaurant not only has some really delicious bowls of Pho, but also has some really great prices! All of their noodle bowls, including the Pho are $12.95 and under and the bowls are HUGE and quite filling. The most expensive bowl of soup on their menu is $6.95, with all the other soups costing less. The salads are less than $10, apps less than $8, stir-fry bowls are less than $12, and main dishes are less than $15! For a very casual, yet delicious and authentic meal, I would definitely suggest checking out Riso Noodle House! It is located on Sam Rittenburg Blvd in West Ashley.



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