Authentic Cuban Eats at The Cuban Gypsy Pantry Kitchen

This past Saturday, I had a friend in town (Ashley was on a cruise), and we were walking downtown looking for a place to have a casual and affordable dinner, and we stumbled upon the Cuban Gypsy Pantry Kitchen on Calhoun Street downtown. They had their menu posted on the front window of the restaurant and everything looked so delicious and very affordable. What really caught our attention was the $6 plate of Green Fries! There was no way we were not going here for our Saturday night dinner. The restaurant itself was small, but also super cute and well decorated. When we walked in, we truly felt like we were in a restaurant in Cuba! There was Cuban music playing, the walls were decorated with beautiful artwork, and it smelled amazing. We decided to sit on their outdoor deck on two smalls stools, overlooking Calhoun Street, which seemed to create even more of an authentic Cuban experience. My friend, Andrea is pictured below where our seats were.


We started with an order of the $6 plate of Green Fries to share. These fries were topped with house cilantro and mustard sauce, as well as dill, sweet pickles, scallions, and Parmesan cheese. They were literally some of the best fries we had ever tasted. We never would have expected fries with green sauce and pickles on them to taste as good as these did. We were truly in Cuban french fry heaven!


For entrees, Laura ordered their vegetarian plate($11) and Andrea ordered the Cuban sandwich($10), which was served with a bag of chips. Both dishes were spectacular. The vegetarian plate consisted of various in-season sauteed vegetables served over Cuban rice, and was served with a plentiful serving of perfectly salted and seasoned black beans, as well as a few plantains. A delicious house-made green sauce was drizzled on top of the veggies. Andrea’s Cuban sandwich was a warm panini, stuffed with pulled pork, salami, ham, melted white cheese, pickles, cilantro, and mustard sauce. Andrea told me she does not usually like pulled pork but considering the pure authenticity of this food, she decided to be a little adventurous. Turns out it was some of the best pulled pork she’s ever had and she even had a whole half of her sandwich left over to take home with her!

I talked with one of the employees at the restaurant, who was from Cuba and he said that all the food there comes straight from Cuba and is cooked by Cuban chefs. It’s safe to say that if you want an affordable, casual, delicious, and authentic Cuban meal, this is definitely the place to go. Both meals had very generous portions, and we even had some left over! The Cuban Gypsy Pantry Kitchen also has a food truck, so make sure you’re following them on social media or take a look at their website to find out if they’ll be at the next event you go to! Whatever you decide to order, make sure you get those Green Fries to go with it. 😉




One thought on “Authentic Cuban Eats at The Cuban Gypsy Pantry Kitchen

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Clay and I walked by there a few weeks ago when we went to CO. We want to try it as well, never made it to the food truck. Hopefully next Second Sunday we can give it a shot, the prices were really reasonable and food looks good.


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