Charleston Burger Week 2017

Charleston’s annual burger week just came to a close on November 14, and fortunately we were able to indulge in some delicious burgers while this fantastic week was going on! Charleston Burger Week is a week that gives people the opportunity to try specialty burgers from various restaurants and is a great way to discover which restaurant has your favorite burger in Charleston. This special week began on November 8 and since then, we have tried two different burgers, each costing us a total of $5! Can’t get a more budget-friendly burger deal than that!

We started off our burger week celebrating by going to Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill for their week long 5 year anniversary celebration. In honor of their anniversary, they were featuring a $5 bar menu, which happened to have a $5 Wagyu beef burger on it! We obviously couldn’t pass that up, so we both ordered a burger and a plate of deviled eggs to go with it. Both were absolutely delicious. The burger was topped with melted American cheese, pickled onion, sautéed mushrooms and a delicious tangy burger sauce. We loved the combinations of flavor in this burger, from the tartness of the pickled onion, to the sweetness of the sauteed mushroom. The burger itself was cooked medium well and seemed to have both a sweet and spicy flavor to it.

IMG_5587 (1)

We decided to order one other thing off their menu, since everything was just $5. We ordered the deviled eggs, which were topped with the most amazing candied bacon, as well as pickled radishes and carrots. The sweetness of the bacon and tartness of the veggies, mixed with the creamy egg yolk mixture inside the egg white created the most delicious combination of flavor.


Our next burger week adventure was this past Monday (Nov. 13) at Rutledge Cab Company. Every Monday night this restaurant features a $5 burger with a side of either fries or coleslaw, as well as $2 PBR’s. This was more of a traditional burger, being topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion and your choice of Gruyère or American cheese. Ashley went for the American cheese and Laura went for the Gruyere. We both had our burgers cooked medium well and ordered a side of coleslaw. We both really liked the coleslaw. It was served in a small bowl and was both sweet and creamy at the same time, creating the most delicious flavor. We thought these burgers were good, but agreed that the Wagyu burger at Burwell’s excited our taste buds a bit more. $5 is an amazing burger deal though and the fact that they offer this deal weekly, makes it even better. If you’re ever around the upper peninsula looking for a good, affordable dinner on a Monday night, this would definitely be the place to go! They also offer a very affordable happy hour menu (everything is $5!) every night of the week from 5-7.

Hope everyone had the opportunity to have some exciting burger week adventures of their own! Which burger was your favorite?? You can leave a comment on this post and let us know!

~Laura and Ashley

One thought on “Charleston Burger Week 2017

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I don’t think Charleston Burger Week was really well promoted; I didn’t see a ton about it. I like the veggie burger at Charleston Burger Company in way out West Ashley, HOM downtown is good too. My husband likes the Moe’s Crosstown Tavern burgers but I always get the shrimp dishes there (we do love Moe’s!). Those deviled eggs look really good too!


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