Eat Yo’ Greens at Verde

Last week I ran with Charleston Beer Runners to Craftsman Kitchen and Taproom. They have a deal on Thursday nights called “Flights and Bites”. You can get a small sample of a few items on their menu and a flight of select beers carefully chosen to be paired with each food sample. You can get this deal for $10, which isn’t a bad deal (will definitely be indulging on it soon)! However, after running around 5 miles, I was feeling pretty hungry and knew that small food samples were not going to fill me up. I decided to go eat somewhere else and ended up at Verde on King Street!

I’ve been to Verde quite a few times and love almost everything on their menu. All their salad fix-ins are very fresh, they have multiple types of salad greens you can choose from, and they have a lot of delicious variations of their signature salads. If the signature salads aren’t speaking to you, you can make your own! They also give you the option of turning a salad into a wrap, which is what I decided to do. I went for a salad I hadn’t tried before, called the “Chickpea” salad and had it all rolled up in a fresh whole wheat tortilla. It usually comes with romaine lettuce, but I asked for a mix of romaine and spinach to give it a little more flavor. The Chickpea salad comes with chickpeas, baked falafel, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and pita chips, topped with a lemon tahini dressing and a squeeze of fresh lemon. It was super filling and full of a delicious Mediterranean flavor. I could only get through about half the wrap because it was so filling, so I decided to save the other half for my lunch the next day!


The Chickpea salad costs a total of $8.95, and is the same price even when made into a wrap! I thought this was a pretty good deal, considering I had leftovers! Verde also has other delicious signature salads that they recently added to their menu including salads with lentils, buffalo cauliflower, wild rice, tofu and avocado! Everything is super fresh and on most occasions, you’re getting all that for less than $10! They also sell juices and fresh-baked cookies, which are delicious, but will also make the price of your meal a bit higher. If you’re looking for a fresh, veggie-filled affordable meal, look no further than Verde! They have locations on King Street, West Ashley and Mt. Pleasant.


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