Fueling Up at Fuel

On Thursday (2/8), I ran with my favorite running group, Charleston Beer Runners to Fuel, located on Rutledge Avenue in downtown, Charleston. Fuel is one of my favorite hangouts in Charleston, so I knew I couldn’t pass this run up. Charleston Beer Runners runs every Thursday to a different bar, which I love because it’s a fantastic way to try different restaurants every week AND get great deals on food and drinks!

Upon arriving at Fuel, I was feeling pretty hungry and saw that they had a Fried Goat Cheese Salad ($7) on their menu that looked pretty amazing, so I ordered it. It consisted of a bed of fresh mixed greens, topped with roasted cashews, mandarin oranges, and coconut and panko breaded goat cheese. An orange balsamic dressing was drizzled on top. My favorite part of this salad was the panko breaded goat cheese, though I was a little bummed that there was only one ball of the fried cheese on the salad, because I was definitely wanting more. The dressing had a good flavor that was sweet and tangy at the same time, though I wished I had gotten the dressing on the side because there was a little too much of it drizzled on my salad, and it made the salad greens start to get a bit soggy before I was even able to finish the whole salad.


Fuel also has some fabulous nachos on their menu. You can get a half plate of nachos ($5) or a full plate of nachos ($9). One of my fellow beer running friends ordered the half plate of nachos and was nice enough to share them with me. Yes, even the half plate is big enough to share, making the half plate an awesome deal! He had gotten the veggie nachos, which were the same price as the nachos with roasted chicken. The veggie nachos consisted of tri-colored tortilla chips, topped with warm melted cheese, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, sour cream and cilantro. Even as simple as those ingredients may sound, these nachos were top notch. The cheese had the perfect gooey consistency and a spicy, tangy flavor, and the corn and black beans were the perfect accompaniments.


Fuel is a great place to go when you don’t feel like dressing up to go to a fancy restaurant. I love that on most days, you can walk right in and get a table, or you can sit out on their beautiful and quite large patio and get service from the bar. For the best bang for your buck, I would definitely suggest ordering the nachos or one of their other appetizers. You can also get $5 bowls of soup or you could fill up on sides, which are all priced at $2 or $3.

Happy Eating!


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