Creekside Chillin’ at Saltwater Cowboys

One of our favorite places to grab a Friday evening drink is Shem Creek. You can go to any restaurant there, grab a drink and watch the sunset. It sometimes can feel like you are on a tropical island, even though you’ve only gone as far as Mt. Pleasant! Just a few months ago, Shem Creek got a brand new restaurant added to its plethora of creek-side eateries. We had heard good things about the newest addition, Saltwater Cowboys and so we decided to go check it out.

We went on a Wednesday evening and it was bustling! We decided to get an appetizer and drinks at the bar while we waited for our table. We opted for the Seafood Ceviche($8.99), which consisted of a citrus marinade and a mixture of raw shrimp and grouper. The dish was served with fried tortilla chips. I was not a huge fan of the ceviche, but that’s also probably because I’m not a big raw fish eater. Ashley and I both seemed to agree that the chips were the highlight of this dish, as they were perfectly crisp and had a unique, sweet flavor. The portion size of this dish was not super big however, and for an appetizer costing $8.99, I think there could have been a lot more chips placed on the dish. I’m sure if you asked for more though, they’d be happy to give you some. There are some cheaper appetizers on the menu, so I would definitely suggest ordering one of those if you’re going for affordability.


Once we got seated at our table and had scanned the menu thoroughly, we decided to both order the Mahi Tacos ($12.99 w/ side), which were both served with a side of our choosing. I opted for the Geechie Boy house grits and Ashley opted for the collard greens. The tacos were served on warm flour tortillas and were filled with black beans, pico de gallo, cabbage, and a chipotle aioli. We both thought the tacos were quite yummy and that the Mahi seemed very fresh and was cooked well. We also loved the spicy flavor that the chipotle aioli provided. It gave the tacos just the right amount of flare. Though the price of these tacos seemed a bit steep, especially for a restaurant on Shem Creek, we decided that the sides included in the price of our meal made it worth the cost.


I was really looking forward to trying their Geechie Boy house grits, as I have recently been on a bit of a grit kick and love that every restaurant in Charleston that has grits on their menu, cooks them in different ways. I have found that there are so many ways that grits can be cooked, and each way they are cooked provides a unique flavor. These grits were not quite as grainy as some other grits I have tried, and were much more soft and creamy. I did enjoy the creamy, soft texture and the buttery flavor, though I think it’s safe to say that I prefer my grits to have more of a grainy texture.

Ashley’s collard greens were delicious, super fresh, and full of flavor. They literally tasted like they came straight from a farm because they were so flavorful and crisp. I love collard greens, but sometimes they can be a bit too salty and drenched in too much liquid and fat that it causes the greens to become too soft. However, these collard greens proved to be quite the opposite and I definitely plan on ordering them as my side next time I’m there!


Ashley photographing her Mahi tacos and collards

Saltwater Cowboys also has some of the most amazing views on Shem Creek. They have a rooftop that has a sign on the steps going up to it, saying it’s “the best view in the world”. We went to check it out and it sure was an amazing view, though we were a little disappointed to see that there were only a few tables. I will say though that just sitting on the bottom floor on the patio provides an equally amazing view. There’s also a separate area with a fun tiki bar, where you can grab a drink, sit back and watch the sunset. Just know that this bar only serves drinks, so if you’re hungry, you’ll have to order food at the restaurant bar or get a table at the outdoor seating area of the restaurant.


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