Oceanside Eats at Obstinate Daughter

If you weren’t already aware, I work full-time as a preschool teacher and Friday marked the official end of my school year and the official start of my summer break. Ashley and I decided to celebrate by spending the afternoon chilling on Sullivan’s Island and getting drinks and appetizers at one of the nearby hot-spots, Obstinate Daughter.

We sat at one of the outside tables because it was such a beautiful day outside and decided to order the Drunken Farmer cocktail ($9), which is essentially a strawberry-infused margarita. We absolutely loved the taste of this cocktail. The strawberry infusion was made with fresh strawberries and the strawberries mixed with lime provided the perfect sweet and tart fusion of flavors. It was the perfect refreshing drink for a hot Charleston day!


The Obstinate Daughter does not offer a happy hour menu because they offer a small plate menu that is pretty reasonably priced, which is the menu we ordered from. We ordered their Anson Mills Piccolo Farro small plate ($10) and the Obstinate Flatbread small plate ($7). The Anson Mills Piccolo Farro was composed of brussels sprouts, peanuts, balsamic vinegar, and black truffle. We absolutely loved this dish. I always have to order brussels sprouts if I see them on a restaurant menu because I have a personal love for them and I love that there are so many ways they can be cooked and seasoned. The balsamic drizzled over the top of the brussels sprouts provided a delicious sweet and tangy flavor and the peanuts provided just the right amount of extra crunch to the dish. It was a very light, flavorful, and refreshing dish.

IMG_8060 (1)

The Obstinate Flatbread was composed of pita bread slices that were drizzled with olive oil and Bulls Bay Sea Salt. They were served with a butterbean puree. If you haven’t yet tried Bulls Bay Sea Salt, you need to go and get your hands on some ASAP. This salt has a very pungent flavor that you don’t really get with your average table salt and it gave this dish such excellent flavor. The pita bread was served warm and perfectly soft and practically melted in our mouths. The butterbean puree had a hummus consistency but obviously tasted more like butterbeans and was so delicious that I started eating it with a spoon!

IMG_8070 (1)

Even after just sharing these two small plates, we were full. Our bills came out to be about $22 each, which may seem a little hefty to some, but in the end, we spent less than we probably would have if we went to a downtown restaurant. Most cocktails in downtown Charleston are typically priced at $10 or more when not on a happy hour special, so we were quite pleased to see that their were quite a few cocktails on the Obstinate Daughter’s drink menu that were priced at less than $10. The small plates generally range from $6-$27, with the more expensive plates being composed of fresh fish. The cheaper small plate dishes consist of things like Geechie Frites, which are french fries made out of grits, a Frogmore Chowder, and small salads.

If you’re looking to really satisfy your taste buds after a hot day at the beach, Obstinate Daughter is the place to go. Get a few small plates to share, and you’ll be sure to not break your budget! You won’t leave hungry either-we only shared two dishes and left feeling quite happy and full.

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