Edison: A James Island Hidden Gem

Last week, we took our foodie adventures to a small hidden gem of a restaurant called Edison. We had sampled their Seafood Chowder at the Charleston Rum Festival and loved it so much, that we knew we had to pay them a visit for happy hour! Edison is located in a neighborhood community off of Fort Johnson Road. It’s the most adorable, friendly, warm, and welcoming restaurant you might ever step foot in on James Island. It is owned by the head chef of the restaurant, Joel Lucas and his wife, Chelsea Lucas who so kindly welcomed us into the restaurant and presented to us the most delicious food and wine!

For happy hour, from 4-6pm Monday through Friday, the restaurant has deals on both food and wine. All their wine is just $5 a glass and they have $1 off all beers. They have various prices on their happy hour food options, but the prices stay between $4 and $10. I opted for their Salmon Burger Sliders. Two sliders are just $5! What a steal! They are served on a brioche bun and are topped with daikon radish sprouts, ginger aioli and have a few cucumbers on the side. Ashley opted for their Vietnamese Pho Taco, which is just $4, and consists of hoisin pork, glass noodles, cilantro, sprouts, ginger aioli, and sriracha.

Edison-7 copyEdison-6

I absolutely LOVED the salmon sliders. They were warm, moist, and had a sweet flavor. The sprouts added the perfect crunch when I bit into them and the ginger aioli provided just the right amount of spice. Ashley thoroughly enjoyed her taco as well. She thought the pork was tangy with the perfect amount of spice and the glass noodles provided a unique twist on your average taco.

Next, we decided to try something off their regular menu, since after some perusing, we noticed that a lot of the things on their menu were quite reasonably priced. We opted for the Roasted Butternut Squash Salad ($7). This salad is made with dried cranberries, feta, baby greens, and is topped with balsamic reduction. As light as this salad is, it is quite full of flavor. It is sweet and tangy all at the same time, and the greens in the salad taste super fresh.

Edison-8 copy

We decided to finish off our already amazing experience at Edison with some dessert. When perusing their dessert menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Edison Chocolate Bulb ($8). This dessert consists of a triple chocolate brownie, a dark chocolate globe, a caramel drizzle (poured on top at your table!), and is topped with strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream. As a lover of dessert, this really impressed me. The presentation was beautiful, as I literally got to watch hot caramel sauce being poured over the chocolate shell, which essentially melted away right before my eyes. It was decadent and pretty much melted in my mouth.


Edison also offers a very reasonably-priced brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays, that we definitely look forward to trying in the near future. We would definitely suggest checking this place out, especially if you live on James Island. Its quaint, casual, friendly, affordable, and delicious all at the same time!


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