Grit Galore at Grace and Grit

Forgive us for our long hiatus…I have been traveling around Europe for the past two weeks! Hope you were following my food journey on our Instagram story! Those two weeks were full of delicious pastries, wine, cheese, and LOTS of bread. More on that later. Right now I am here to tell you all about our experience at one of Mt. Pleasant’s newest restaurants, Grace and Grit and their brand new happy hour menu.

We had heard many good things about Grace and Grit and when we heard that they had just come out with a happy hour menu, we knew this was our opportune time to go check it out! We were pretty stoked when we looked at the menu and saw that all their food items were priced at just $6 and their beer and wine was priced at $5 and under. I decided to order the Baked Brie, which consisted of a bowl of seasoned jam with two slices of brie baked on top. It was served with beaten biscuits, which are essentially fancy crackers with a sweet flavor. I thought the dish had a beautiful presentation, but was a bit disappointed when I saw that there were only two slices of cheese on top of the jam (I am a big lover of cheese!). However, when I dipped my beaten biscuits into the jam and brie, I immediately noticed how well the jam and brie complimented each other, and that if the dish had any more brie, it would have taken over the sweet flavor of the jam. I was pretty obsessed with the beaten biscuits as well. They were perfectly crunchy and sweet and I wanted to take a whole package of them home with me!

Grace and Grit_Brie

Ashley opted for the Petite Frogmore Salad, which consisted of smoked local shrimp, corn, house smoked sausage, bibb lettuce, and old bay vinaigrette. If Lowcountry Boil was made into a salad, this would be it. The shrimp tasted very fresh and was full of various spices and the corn provided a delicious sweet crunch. We also loved that even as a small plate dish, there was enough salad on the plate to fill you up!

Grace and Grit_Salad copy

My crackers and baked brie were not quite filling enough for me, and I was dying to try some of their grits, so I decided to order a grit flight ($7) off their regular menu, which consisted of 4 small bowls of different flavors of grits. The flavors they offer in their grit flight are pimento cheese, blueberry, coconut cream, and brussels pesto. My favorite of all four was the blueberry. I felt that it contained the most unique flavor, and with me being a lover of all things sweet, the blueberry grits really hit the spot. The pimento cheese grits didn’t taste too far off from your average grits. The coconut cream grits were sweet as well, and had more of a tropical flavor. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so I wasn’t a huge fan of this flavor. The brussels pesto was my favorite among the savory flavors. It was a bit salty, but also had a delicious garlic flavor. The grits themselves were cooked quite well. They were perfectly creamy and also quite heavy, and after just a couple bites of each flavor I was feeling pretty full. I ended up taking home a lot of leftovers!

Grace and Grit_Grits

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Grace and Grit’s happy hour, and would definitely suggest checking it out. If you do decide to order the grit flight, make sure you have a couple people to share it with and let us know which one is your favorite! Grace and Grit also has a restaurant right next door called “The Grit Counter”, which is a restaurant in which you can just walk up to a counter and order a made-to-order grit bowl. They also offer various kinds of sandwiches and salads. We have yet to make it over there, but plan to in the near future, so stay tuned!

Grace and Grit offers happy hour specials Monday-Friday, from 4-6pm.




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