Upscale On The Cheap At High Cotton

Most people would not expect to find a $5 burger at an upscale restaurant in downtown Charleston. We were pleasantly surprised when we attended happy hour at High Cotton on East Bay Street. This week we decided to show our readers how its possible to enjoy a fine dining experience, without spending over $100 on a meal. High Cotton turned out to be the perfect restaurant to show that it is in fact possible!

Upon arriving at High Cotton, we immediately noticed the huge sign outside their door that read “$5 Burgers”, and we were sold. High Cotton’s happy hour only includes specials on cocktails, beer and wine, but the burger and other affordable food items are located on their bar menu (you have to sit at the bar to get them). The bar menu consists of their $5 High Cotton Burger that comes with french fries, as well as a few other snack options, including Truffle Popcorn, Malt Fries, and various salads. We opted for the Truffle Popcorn ($5). The popcorn was served in a very large bowl and was smothered in parmesan cheese, truffle oil, and parsley. We loved the sharp flavor of the parmesan cheese and that the popcorn almost seemed to melt in our mouths. For cocktails, I opted for the LC Raspberry Mule ($6) and Ashley opted for the Halls Old Fashioned ($6). The LC Raspberry Mule was essentially a Moscow Mule with a raspberry flavor. I felt that the cocktail was a bit too sweet for my liking, and definitely would say I prefer a regular Moscow Mule to a flavored mule. The Halls Old Fashioned was made with a couple different liquors and vanilla simple syrup. Ashley thoroughly enjoyed her cocktail- I even had a sip and wished I had gotten this cocktail instead. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

High Cotton-popcornHigh Cotton-drinks and drink menu

We had a very enjoyable experience at High Cotton’s happy hour and would definitely suggest checking it out…especially if you’re in the mood for a burger and french fries for only $5 (we plan on trying that out next time)! It’s not easy to find food that cheap at upscale restaurants in Charleston, so if you want gourmet food at a good price, High Cotton is the place to go!

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