A Trip to Paris at Saveurs du Monde Cafe

This summer, I had the most fortunate opportunity to travel to a couple different places in Europe – one of those places being Paris, France. Of all the places in Europe I visited, some of the best food I had was in Paris. From the coffee and pastries to the cheese, wine, and crepes, I was in absolute heaven! I decided I needed to go on a search for a close comparison in Charleston.

My search ended up being quite successful. I discovered an adorable, quaint french cafe in Mt. Pleasant called Saveurs du Monde Cafe. This cafe serves authentic french pastries, crepes, galletes, baguettes, and sandwiches, which was everything I was got to indulge in while I was in Paris. I was lucky enough to be able to attend an event at this cafe, during which I had the opportunity to sample some mini quiches, crepes, and small puff pastry sandwiches.


The mini quiches were delectable and full of flavor. I couldn’t stop eating them! I sampled their La Californienne quiche and their L’ Acropolis quiche. The La Californienne quiche is baked with spinach and goat cheese. The L’ Acropolis quiche is baked with fresh tomato, basil, and feta cheese. All their quiches are served with a mixed green salad or fresh fruit. The tomato, basil, and feta quiche was my favorite. It was perfectly soft, warm, and the tomato and basil in the quiche tasted very fresh. Unfortunately, of all the things I got to try, the quiches were the only things they serve on their everyday menu. However, I definitely plan to go back to sample some other things on their menu, and I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you get at this adorable french cafe, you won’t be disappointed.

Saveurs du Monde does not offer a happy hour menu, but their prices are quite reasonable. You can get a quintessential Parisian breakfast, consisting of a baguette piece with butter, jam, a croissant, orange juice and coffee for just $9.90. You can also get crepes, baguette sandwiches and quiches for less than $10. Paying a visit to this cafe is a great way to experience some delicious, authentic Parisian cuisine, without even having to leave Charleston – and all at a very affordable price!

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