Matzo Y Masa Pop-Up at One Broad

Last week we attended a pop-up event at One Broad Street (restaurant and location name are the same!). The pop-up was hosted by Matzo Y Masa. Matzo Y Masa has hosted pop-up events at a couple different locations around Charleston, and has been well received. They typically serve up a Mexican-Israeli fusion cuisine.

Upon our discovery of Matzo Y Masa, we noticed that the prices on their menus were quite affordable, so when we heard they’d be popping up at One Broad, we knew we needed to go check it out. There were five different things to choose from on the menu. It was hard not to order all of them, but we opted for just three of the five. We ordered the Pici, the Charred Cauliflower Tostadas, and the Ceviche Tacos.

The Pici consisted of handmade noodles, topped with chorizo and marinara sauce. We absolutely LOVED this dish! The noodles were thick and had the perfect dense texture that handmade noodles should have. The chorizo and marinara sauce were the perfect toppings for this dish. The chorizo had just the right amount of spice and the sauce had just a hint of sweetness.


The Charred Cauliflower Tostadas were pretty amazing as well. These tostadas were slathered with coriander creme and were topped with pickled carrot and shallot. The coriander creme provided a unique, flavorful twist to these tostadas and the cauliflower was perfectly crisp and crunchy.


The Ceviche Tacos definitely did not disappoint. It was obvious that the taco shell was hand-made in the way that it opened more widely, and you could clearly see everything that was inside the taco. The Ceviche Taco was made with pico de gallo, Tarvin Seafood Shrimp, and dehydrated lime. The taco was perfectly tangy and crunchy, with just a bit of spice.


We capped off our delicious meal with dessert, consisting of a Spice Cake with Dulce de Leche and pie apples. The presentation of this dish was beautiful and it really did taste as good as it looked! The Dulce de Leche was drizzled on top of the cake (served warm) and the pie apples were slathered on top. It was the perfect fall dessert. The cake was moist and sweet, with a hint of spice, and the Dulce de Leche pretty much melted in my mouth. The pie apples provided a perfect apple pie/spice cake flavor fusion, which made this dish truly delectable and unique.


One of the reasons we decided to check this pop-up event out was because we had checked out the menu before we went and noticed that the whole menu was quite affordable. Everything was $10 and under! The Charred Cauliflower Tostadas cost $8 for two of them (and they were decently sized!), the Pici cost $10 (pretty cheap for handcrafted pasta!), the Ceviche Taco cost $6, and the Spice Cake cost $6 as well (they were sweet and gave this to us free of charge). We split the bill, and both ended up paying less than $25 on a 3 course meal (not including the dessert). Can’t go wrong with a meal that delicious and cheap!

We will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for the next Matzo Y Masa pop-up event, and will be sure to keep you all in the know as well! We hope that Matzo Y Masa will open doors for more unique flavor fusions, as well as ethnic food in the Charleston culinary scene. It could definitely use a little spicing up!


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