Sushi at Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse

One of my Wednesday rituals is reading the food section of the Post and Courier and reading all about Hanna Raskin’s take on the newest or lesser known Charleston restaurants. This past summer, Hanna wrote an article about her search for good sushi in Charleston, which she felt the city seemed to be lacking in. She visited Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse in West Ashley, which not only features hibachi, but also sushi! Much to her surprise, this sushi proved to be quite delicious and she named it the best sushi in Charleston.

As much as I trust Hanna’s reviews, I was a bit skeptical about her review of this restaurant. I’ve been to quite a few Japanese steakhouses and all of them seem to not have much variation in flavor. I was not convinced that the sushi at this restaurant could possibly be much better than their hibachi. In the end, I was very much proved wrong.

In her review, Hanna describes the sushi rice as having a “sticky-but-separate” texture, which couldn’t be a more accurate description. Sometimes sushi can be a bit too mushy or the rice will seem overcooked, but this sushi held its form and the rice had the perfect sticky consistency, that gave a clear separation from the flavors and textures of the fillings.

You’re probably wondering now what kinds of sushi I ordered. Well here they are…


I ordered the Spider Roll and a Vegetable Roll (got to get my veggies in somehow). The Spider Roll was made with deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumber, and was topped with eel sauce. This roll was delicious. Ever since I had my first soft shell crab a couple months ago at the former Pancito and Lefty, there’s been no turning back. I knew I needed to get this roll and try their take on this southern delicacy. The crab was perfectly fried and full of rich flavor. The shells of the crab were placed on top of the sushi, creating the perfect crunch when I bit into it.

The Vegetable Roll was filled with asparagus, tomato, cucumber, and spinach. Yes, this roll was probably the least exciting thing I could have ordered but it was still quite delicious. The vegetables tasted very fresh and provided a nice crunchy texture, and the sticky rice on the outside provided a perfect contrast in the texture of the roll.

As for affordability, the sushi here is pretty decently priced. Yes you could probably get a better deal at a place like Local’s during happy hour, but for well-made sushi, you’re getting a pretty good bang for your buck. Both of my sushi rolls were around $8-$10 each, so my whole bill was still less than $20.

I definitely plan on making a trip back to Miyabi to try more of their sushi. They have a two-sided sushi menu, full of many different options. You are bound to find something that will satisfy your sushi cravings, and are also bound to thoroughly enjoy it.



Link to Hanna Raskin’s article about Miyabi:


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