Mt. Pleasant Healthy Hot Spot: Kid Cashew

Last week, Ashley and I ventured over to Mt. Pleasant to check out a recently opened vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant called Kid Cashew. Kid cashew is located on Ben Sawyer Blvd and is also the former home of Triangle Char and Bar. This restaurant has a location in Charlotte as well. We had heard great things about this unique restaurant and knew we had to check it out.

The menu consists of shared plates, homemade spreads, salads, burgers, a selection of sides and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. We decided the best way to get a good sampling of the menu was to order a few of the small plates and share them. We ordered the Quinoa Stuffed Avocado, the Cast Iron Mac and 5 Cheeses, and the Brussels Sprouts. The Quinoa Stuffed Avocado is complete with a bowl of a couple whole avocados, topped with tri-colored quinoa, cucumber salsa, and shredded lettuce with chipotle sauce. The Cast Iron Mac and 5 Cheeses consists of a homemade mornay sauce, creamy leeks, shallots, 5 different cheeses, and gratin. The Brussels Sprouts are caramelized with a lemon vinaigrette and toasted almonds.

The Mac and 5 Cheeses was baked to perfection and despite the fact that it was made with 5 different cheeses, it didn’t seem to be too heavy of a dish. We loved the fusion of flavors we got from all of the different types of cheese in the dish. There was a bit of tang, a bit of sharpness, and a bit of sweet. Oh, and there was still enough cheese in this dish for an epic cheese pull.

Kid Cashew_002

As for the Brussels Sprouts, we didn’t want to stop eating them! The caramelization of the Brussels made them extra crunchy and gave them a light sweet flavor. The lemon vinaigrette provided a slight citrus flavor that complimented the sweetness from the caramelization quite well. The toasted almonds were a great finishing touch to this dish, as we love toasted almonds mixed in with any vegetable. They provide a good nutty flavor and additional crunchy texture.

Kid Cashew_003

The quinoa stuffed avocado was definitely the standout dish of our meal. Avocado is one of my favorite things, so I couldn’t wait to try this out. I will say, when I thought of quinoa stuffed avocado, I thought of an avocado with its innards scooped out and quinoa taking the place of the innards. This dish took me by surprise, as you could choose between a half or whole avocado (we chose whole), which was placed at the bottom of a bowl without the skin, and as mentioned above, was topped with tri-colored quinoa, cucumber salsa, shredded lettuce and was topped with the most delicious chipotle sauce. We felt that the chipotle sauce really took this dish to the next level. It provided a perfect spicy, but not too spicy flavor. It was essentially a super healthy taco salad, and we savored every bite of it.

Kid Cashew_004

We also sampled their signature cocktail, called the “Big Fig Newton”, which consists of larceny bourbon, figs, and rosemary that is charred with a torch at your table! We thought the cocktail was good, but was lacking a bit in unique flavor, as it was reminiscent of bourbon and ginger ale mixed together. That being said, we loved the presentation of this cocktail.

Not only was our food delicious, but the prices were fantastic as well. The quinoa stuffed avocado was a very hearty dish, despite being on the shared plate menu, and cost $7.75 for a whole avocado. It’s only $3.95 for a half! The Mac and 5 Cheeses cost $6.95 and the Brussels Sprouts cost $7.95 as well. After splitting our bill in half, we both spent just a little over $10, and we left with full bellies. Can you say AWESOME deal?!? After glancing over the rest of the menu we realized that there was not one item listed that cost over $14, and that includes all the meat dishes! If you go for lunch, they have a selection of items that only cost $9.95 for two of them!

If you haven’t checked out Kid Cashew yet, you need to get on it. This restaurant is delicious and affordable all at the same time, and is sure to please vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike. We are already looking forward to our next visit.


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