Coorg Indian Cafe: A Trip to India Minus the Airplane

I love good, ethnic and authentic food and lately I’ve felt that the culinary scene in Charleston has been lacking in ethnic restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good southern meal, but I also love trying new and different things. I was quite pleased when Coorg opened up in Mt. Pleasant. Coorg is is an authentic Indian restaurant known for their coffee that literally is sent straight to the restaurant from the coffee bean farms in the Indian district of Coorg. The restaurant also serves fresh homemade curries and desserts made from recipes that have been passed down from multiple generations of the people who work there. Everything they serve is true to the Coorg culture and traditions. Ashley and I couldn’t wait to get a true taste of India without having to even step foot on an airplane.

Among the things we tried at Coorg were the Curry Lentil, the Curry Chicken, a latte, and an iced coffee. All the curries are served with flavored rice, cucumber salad, and roti or naan bread (ours were served with roti). The authenticity of these dishes was quite evident. The curries were served in small bowls placed on a plate, which had small servings of cucumber salad and flavored rice carefully placed side by side. I’ve been to quite a few Indian restaurants, but I’ve never tasted curry quite as unique as this. It was a lot lighter in texture than most curries I’ve tried and had a distinct spicy flavor. The cucumber salad was cold and creamy and leveled out the heat of the curry. The roti was deliciously moist, had a slight sweet flavor and seemed to melt right in my mouth. I loved the slight spice and sweet flavor of the flavored rice. It offered a great complimentary flavor and texture to the curry. The coffee was much stronger in flavor than the coffee we are used to drinking, but I thoroughly enjoyed my latte. It was smooth and rich in flavor.  I definitely plan on going back for another.


Coorg is opened for breakfast, in which they offer bagels and cream cheese, as well as croissants with sausage. Among other things they serve are desserts consisting of brownies, cakes, baklava, and other various pastries. They also serve a few different cocktails, spirits, beer, wine and mango Lassi’s.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Coorg and can’t wait to pay them another visit and try more things off their menu. We hope that the opening of Coorg will open up more doors for more ethnic restaurants. As for affordability, we wouldn’t say its the cheapest restaurant around, but you definitely get a good bang for your buck. The curries range in price from $11-$14, but are all served with the roti/naan bread, cucumber salad, and flavored rice, and it ends up being more filling than you’d think! The coffee is about the average price of most coffee you’d pay for in Charleston. A drip coffee is $2 and a latte or iced coffee cost $4.  If you’re looking to spend a little less on your meal, we would suggest opting for one of their small plate options which range in price from $7-$8. Either way, you can expect to get a truly authentic meal that is sure to satisfy all your taste buds.

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