Taco Tuesday at Mainland Container Co.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, we are big fans of Taco Tuesday. This week my friend, Michelle and I decided to check out a fun hidden gem in Mt. Pleasant called Mainland Container Co. This is a restaurant that is comprised of an indoor restaurant and an outdoor bar that also has tables you can sit at scattered around the bar. It’s the perfect place to go after a long day at work, take a load off, and sip on a pina colada or a cold craft beer.

Mainland Container Co offers happy hour specials every night of the week, as well as daily food specials. On Tuesdays they have a deal on tacos that consists of 2 fish or chicken tacos for $8. They also have a great selection of $5 appetizers during happy hour. We both opted for the fish tacos, as well as hush puppies for an appetizer. The hush puppies had just the right amount of crunch on the outside and soft texture and sweet corn flavor on the inside. The only thing about the hush puppies that we were not fans of were that they were smothered in a very sweet pepper jelly, that seemed to make them a bit too sweet. We felt that it took away from the natural sweet flavor of the corn on the inside.


The tacos were quite delicious. The fish had just a hint of spicy flavor and was delicate and flaky. The tacos were also comprised of a sweet slaw, radishes, and and avocado-chipotle cream sauce. The combination was perfect and provided a great medley of sweet and spicy flavors with a good amount of chewy and crunchy textures from the slaw and chunks of flavorful fish.


Mainland Container Co is a great place to go to feel like you are being transported to a tropical island, as you are surrounded by beautiful trees and are right near the ocean. It’s also very casual, so there’s no need to dress up when dining here. If you go on a weekend, you may even be lucky enough to catch some live music! With a chill vibe, great prices, and great food, you really can’t go wrong at Mainland Container Co.

Happy hour at Mainland Container Co is from 4-7pm, Monday-Friday.

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