Family-Style Dinner at the Porch on Market

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, or baby shower than at a large table talking and laughing through a multi-course meal. The Porch on Market is a brand new event venue, where everything is served family style at a fixed price. I had the opportunity to try their Lowcountry Boil dinner with a bunch of fellow bloggers.

Of course, appetizers came first, which consisted of tuna wontons. The tuna was so delicate and very carefully placed on top of a crispy, thin cracker. The delicate texture of the tuna, paired with the slight crunchiness from the cracker made for the perfect combo.


Next, we moved on to our second course, which consisted of cornbread and salad. The cornbread was sweet, gritty, and light, truly encompassing every taste and texture  of your grandmother’s southern cornbread. The salad was composed of a variety of different vegetables and I opted for a balsamic vinaigrette to top it with. It made me feel slightly less guilty for all the cornbread I was indulging in!IMG_20190721_220301_315

Our third course was our main course, lowcountry boil! I’m a big fan of lowcountry boil, mainly because potatoes and corn are two of my favorite things. I’m not a huge lover of shrimp, and I tend to pick them out. However, the shrimp in this lowcountry boil simply blew me away with how tender and full of flavor it was. I probably ate more shrimp than I ever have in one seating at this dinner! The corn was cooked to a perfect tender texture, making it easy to bite into and savor each bite. The slight spicy flavors that were mixed in with the lowcountry boil really gave it the extra kick it needed to make me want to come back the next day for more.

IMG_20190715_195929_427 (1)

We finished our meal with a southern dessert classic – banana pudding. Not only do I love lowcountry boil, but banana pudding is also up there with one of my favorite desserts. There really is no better way to finish off a classic southern meal than with this dessert. I felt that The Porch did a great job of providing the perfect ratio of pudding to crushed vanilla wafers and whipped cream on top. I loved it so much that I asked for a to-go box and took about 3 bowls of it home (we can keep that on the DL though).


The Porch not only offers Lowcountry Boil dinners, but they also offer shrimp boils, shrimp and grit dinners, old school family dinners, BBQ dinners, surf and turf dinners. pork rib dinners, lobster bake dinners, and oyster roast dinners. All of the dinners are multi-course with your choices of sides and a dessert. Each person pays a fixed price for their meal. With all the food you get and being able to enjoy it family style, the price is great. The lowcountry boil dinner is the cheapest option, costing just $29 per person, which includes the lowcountry boil, a mixed green salad and a dessert. Whatever occasion you may be looking to celebrate, this is a great place to enjoy it.


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