Farm Fresh Eats at Herd Provisions

Tucked away in the quiet neighborhood of Wagner Terrace in downtown Charleston is a brand new bistro-style restaurant called Herd Provisions. Herd Provisions was formerly operated solely as a food truck, being known for their burgers made with meat fresh from the owner’s farm in Virginia called Leaping Waters. After opening a brick-and-mortar, they still are known for those burgers, but also have a much more extensive menu.

I took my mom out on a mother/daughter date to Herd because I had been dying to go check it out and conveniently, she lives in the Wagner Terrace neighborhood. I had tried a burger from their food truck before, but was eager to see what else they had to offer. Upon walking into the restaurant, I was immediately in awe of how rustic and beautifully laid out the restaurant was. It was elegant, but at the same time I didn’t feel like I was under-dressed in my movie-going attire. We were able to find seats immediately at the bar, where we were very warmly greeted by the bartender. There is a great selection of draft beers, so we each opted for a local draft beer, which were both delicious. Since I had already tried one of their burgers, we both decided to try some of their vegetarian options. We ordered their brussels sprouts, their rotisserie cauliflower, and their eggplant schnitzel.

The brussels sprouts are cooked in a black garlic shoyu and are served in a small bowl. They were crispy, crunchy and had hints of sweet and tangy flavors. If french fries could be made into something healthy, this would be it. We were pretty blown away by how delicious and addicting these were!

20190805_143911 (1)

The rotisserie cauliflower was definitely a highlight. The large partial head of cauliflower was carefully placed on top of an English pea beurre spread, which was cold and had slight hints of citrus flavor. The cauliflower itself was perfectly crunchy and had all the right spices mixed in with it.

20190805_144034 (1)

We both agreed that the stand-out dish was the eggplant schnitzel. Cooked just like your average schnitzel (minus the meat), the dish couldn’t have pleased our taste buds more. The fried eggplant was placed in a large bowl of a light, creamy and tangy sauce and was served with small chunks of cooked cabbage. What I loved most about this dish was that the breading on the eggplant was full of so many different flavors. It was also very lightly fried, making it seem not so heavy.  The cooked cabbage was soft and delicate and seemed to melt right in our mouths.


Price-wise, your best bet for a great deal on food at Herd is to go for happy hour. Our entrees were priced in the $17-$20 range, though the brussels only cost us $5 for a side. During happy hour, you can enjoy the HERD Burger and a beer for just $10, drink specials, and snacks, such as pimento cheese for less than $10. I definitely plan to return to Herd for happy hour in the near future.

We both agreed that Herd might quickly become our new favorite neighborhood hang- out spot. They are even planning to open up an outdoor patio in the back of the restaurant, where they plan to have live music, a fun spot for adults to get their drink on and the kids to get their run on. With outstanding food, great service, and a classy, yet laid-back atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong with Herd Provisions.

Herd Provisions is open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. They offer happy hour food specials from 3-5pm and happy hour drink specials from 4-6pm. They also have a butcher shop in the front of the restaurant, which is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-7pm.

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