5 Places to Satisfy your Halloween Sweet Tooth

If there’s one thing you should know about me its that I LOVE my sweets. Put a cookie in front of my face and I will happily gobble it down in just a matter of seconds. Obviously this means Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me even more reason to satisfy my crazy sweet tooth. If you’re like me and are a fan of all things sweet, keep reading to find out my go-to ways to indulge.


Beardcats is one of my go-to places when my sweet tooth is raging. Most people think Jenis is the best place to get ice cream in Charleston, but those people clearly haven’t been to Beardcats yet. Beardcats specializes in homemade gelatos and sorbettos and has some of the most delicious and unique flavors. The flavor is rich and the texture is soft and creamy. Not only do they offer gelato and sorbetto, but they also sell homemade pastries, as well as ice cream cookie sandwiches, made with their gelato and homemade cookies. They sell a variety of ice cream cookie sandwich combinations. Pictured below is their peanut butter ice cream sandwich with a chocolate gelato center, which costs just $5.




Brown’s Court Bakery is in my opinion, one of the best places to get a homemade breakfast sandwich, and not to mention a high quality pastry. Brown’s Court specializes in their homemade breads. They make everything from english muffins to french bread loaves. They even supply their bread to many restaurants in Charleston because its just that good. Every time I go in I usually don’t leave without purchasing a pastry on my way out. Everything is baked to perfection and there’s a wide variety of options, such as cookies, donuts, sweet breads, slices of pie and the most delicious carmelita bars you’ll ever stuff your face with. My go-to pastries are usually the carmelita bars or their huge candy-filled monster cookies, but in my most recent visit I walked out with a slice of pumpkin bread with a sweet iced topping. It only cost me a little over $3. They’ve also got a great selection of Halloween-themed iced cookies to supply all your party needs.




Bakies is a small, locally-owned bakery located on Coleman Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. This bakery specializes in all things sweet, from simple fresh baked cookies to full-fledged birthday cakes. Typically, people call ahead for large orders at this bakery but they also have a small selection of pastries in a case at the front of the bakery for satisfying your on-the-go needs. Recently, I indulged in this adorable ghost sugar cookie, which only cost me about $2. Bakies also runs a sticky bun special on Saturdays, in which you can get a sticky bun for just $3.50. Be sure to call ahead to get in on this special and by call ahead, I mean before Wednesday of the week!



Fractured Prune is a donut shop located on Ben Sawyer Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. This donut shop is no ordinary donut shop, as it specializes in freshly made HOT donuts that can be made to order. Yes, that means you can choose the kind of icing you want on your donut, the toppings, and your glaze. They also have a large selection of specialty flavor combinations to choose from. Right now they are serving up apple cider donuts, which I indulged in recently. These donuts cost a little over $3, so definitely not as cheap as Dunkin, but definitely quite worth the slight splurge. They’re a bit crunchy to the bite, but soft, warm, and moist on the inside.



Halo is located in downtown Charleston on Ashley Avenue. Like Brown’s Court, Halo is also known for its freshly baked breads and pastries, particularly their muffins. Every day their case in the front of the cafe is well stocked with a variety of muffins. Recently I indulged in their most popular blueberry muffin, which only cost me about $2.50. Truly a great price for a homemade muffin in Charleston! Halo also offers a full menu of sandwiches and salads for lunch, as well as a small breakfast menu with very reasonable prices.

20191028_111033 (1).jpg

I hope everyone has a super fun Halloween and indulges in all things sweet. If you have a favorite place for satisfying your sweet tooth not mentioned above, let me know! Happy Halloween!


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