REVIEW: Get your Brunch on at One Broad

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy brunch at One Broad (yes it’s location stays true to its name) and I was quite pleased with my experience. One Broad is owned by Normandy Farms bakers and owners, Ben Johnson and Mike Ray. The restaurant does a fabulous job of incorporating their farm fresh ingredients and freshly baked varieties of bread into their brunch menu.

I went to One Broad with a friend of mine for a delightful Sunday brunch, in which we sampled two of their menu items, while enjoying the most delicious mimosas and coffee. We ordered their Avocado Toast and the Shakshuka. The Avocado Toast was made with Miche bread and was topped with mashed avocado, spinach leaves, pickled red onions, radishes and herbs. It was one of the most beautiful presentations of avocado toast I had seen and its appearance was truly a great representation of its taste. Upon biting into the toast I was immediately impressed with how flavorful the toasted Miche bread was, as well as its soft, yet crunchy texture. The toppings really took the dish up several notches, with the flavor fusion from the pickled veggies, the herbs and the olive oil drizzled on top. It was salty, tangy, and had a slight garlic-y flavor.

IMG_20200216_213914_789 (1)

The Shakshuka really took the cake. This dish is traditionally known as a Mediterranean egg-based dish. It was served in a warm cast-iron skillet and was made of chickpeas, tomatoes, greens, eggs, and salsa verde. It was topped with two slices of toasted bread. This dish was the perfect way to warm us up on a chilly day in Charleston. Not only was it comforting but it was crazy delicious. It was fully of spicy flavor, but it wasn’t so spicy that our mouths were on fire. It was creamy and the toast added a great element, in that we enjoyed topping the toasts with the shakshuka to add a little crunchiness. I would order this dish again in a heartbeat!

20200216_125342 (1)

While we were enjoying our dishes, there was a live musician playing and the restaurant was bustling with people thoroughly enjoying their meals. We stopped by their dessert case on the way out, where we were quite tempted by the plethora of muffins, croissants, and other various pastries. However, we were quite full so we decided we would indulge in these sweet treats on our next visit to One Broad.


Not only does the food taste great at One Broad, but the prices are pretty decent as well. The Avocado Toast cost us $10, which may seem a bit hefty for avocado toast, but the dish was actually large enough for us to split and had such a large variety of toppings, which made the dish well worth its price. The Shakshuka cost us $13, making the total cost of our meal $23 (tip not included), which isn’t too shabby when being split among two people. Not to mention we were both quite full when we left!

If you haven’t yet been to One Broad, I would definitely suggest checking it out. If you think that the price of the meal I had still sounds a bit more than you’d like to be spending, I would suggest checking them out for happy hour during the week from 4-7, in which they offer up special full meals at an affordable price. Happy eating!

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