Fancy Hotdogs and a Trip to the Mediterranean at Workshop

If you’ve never been to Workshop, located on the upper King Street extension in downtown, Charleston, you truly are missing out. Workshop is known as an “exploratory food court”, meaning that each stall offers something different and provides their patrons with the opportunity to explore with their palate. The purpose of Workshop is to offer emerging chefs their own space to experiment with recipes and perfect them, so that in the end, they can open up a restaurant of their own. The stalls rotate in and out every few months, so there’s always new things to try.

Recently, I headed over to Workshop to try out two of their newest stalls, Killer Brats and Saha. Killer Brats is known for their huge hand-made brats, which are presented hot-dog style and topped with an assortment of local ingredients. You can choose from Italian sausage, a Wisconsin-style beer brat, a turkey brat, or a large steamed carrot (for my vegans out there) as your base. Then you choose which assortment of local veggies and meat you’d like to pile on top of your brat. I opted for the “Farmer’s Medley” on a carrot dog and my uncle who came with me, opted for the “Hog Heaven” on an Italian brat. I of course tried both and each were filled with explosions of unique flavors. I loved the tangy and tart flavors that the creole mustard and pickled red onions provided in the toppings on the carrot dog, as well as the sweet and tangy flavors of the pulled pork and bbq sauce on top of the Italian brat. Each dog came with a choice of a side dish. I opted for cole slaw, which was perfectly creamy and had just a hint of sweet flavor. My uncle opted for the most delicious creamy and cheesy mac and cheese. All of their dogs with toppings and sides cost just $10.50. What a bargain!

We paired our hot dog meal with a side of pita and hummus from Saha, which is a stall that offers up authentic Mediterranean food. The hummus was perfectly tangy with a bit of salty flavor mixed in, along with hints of cumin and pepper. It was smooth and creamy and we savored every bite, along with the melt-in-your mouth soft and warm pita bread it was served with. The hummus cost $8 and I had enough left over to take home with me!


Workshop has a few other unique stalls and most I still have yet to try. These stalls consist of Ma’am Saab (Pakistani cuisine), Sushi Wa Izakaya (sushi), Chuck and Patty’s (90’s themed burgers), a new tiki bar, and Blazing Star Cafe, offering up fresh Babka, bagels and foccacia. I plan to try them all soon, so keep following along on Facebook and Instagram! In the mean time, I highly suggest snagging a dog from Killer Brats, as well as a few items from some of the other stalls while you can! They won’t be there long.

*Workshop does not currently have indoor seating available, but has safely distanced outdoor seating on their large patio, as well as takeout ordering through the Workshop website available.*

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