An Evening of Meat Sweats with Daps, Rodney Scott and Holy City Hogs

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous event celebrating the release of the very first episode of “A Chef’s Table”, with Rodney Scott as the center focus. The event was held at Lo-Fi Brewery and featured a 4 course celebratory meal. Each course was cooked by Nick Dowling and Jeremiah Schenzel of Daps Breakfast and Imbibe, using meat from Holy City Hogs owner, Tank Jackson. They used some of their own recipes and techniques in each course, but also incorporated Rodney’s very own pulled pork into one of the courses, as well as his banana pudding for the final course.

Upon arriving at the event, I grabbed myself a delicious and refreshing Lo-Fi blueberry wheat beer, straight from the tap. I loved that the taste of the blueberry was more subtle, rather than overpowering, and it still maintained a crisp taste. I snagged a seat at a picnic table outside and watched as Nick, Jeremiah, and Tank began smoking the meat.

The first course of the meal was a small part of a meatball sub. It was full of spicy, sweet, and savory flavors. I loved how juicy the meat was and the way it seemed to just melt right in my mouth, especially with the cheese melting as I bit into it.

The second course consisted of chorizo nachos, another stand-out dish. The chorizo was moist and full of spicy flavor. The dish was finished off with sour cream, jalapenos, green onions, a sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of sour cream. So good!

The third course consisted of a heaping amount of Rodney’s very own pulled pork on top of freshly toasted white bread. I love the smoky, sweet, and tangy flavors of Rodney’s pulled pork and it especially paired well with the toasted white bread. Next time I’m at Rodney Scott’s I will definitely be opting for this great combo!

The meal was finished off with a final course consisting of Rodney’s banana pudding. I love the sweet flavor of this pudding mixed with the crunchy texture of the vanilla wafers. If you’re ever at Rodney Scott’s, make sure you save room for dessert!

Finally, the event finished with a viewing of “A Chef’s Table”, featuring Rodney Scott himself. I learned so much about Rodney that I never knew before, even after having visited his restaurant many times. I won’t spoil too much, but just know that there is a reason the restaurant set a sales record shortly after the episode was released!

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