5 Things You Need to Eat Right Now

  1. Breakfast Tacos at Juan Luis

Juan Luis is the brainchild of John Lewis, owner of Lewis Barbecue. Located on the patio of Lewis Barbecue on the upper peninsula in a revamped trailer called Juan Luis. You can find the people at Juan Luis slinging the most delicious breakfast tacos every morning, along with chips and guac, margaritas, and of course, coffee! A noteworthy tidbit about these tacos is that they are served on homemade tortillas and you can choose between flour or corn tortillas. The ingredients used in the taco fillings are made with hatch chiles, which John brought to Charleston from Hatch, New Mexico. Each taco rings in at about $4 (some a few cents higher). The tacos are pretty hefty, so it definitely makes the price worth it. If you go, I highly recommend opting for the Juanito taco and the Don Juan taco. This is definitely an experience not to miss out on!

2. Baguette Sandwich at Baguette Magic

If you’re looking for the ultimate bang for your buck, Baguette Magic is definitely the place to go. For the ultimate baguette sandwich experience, I highly recommend placing your order online and taking your sandwich with you to the beach. Watching the waves roll in while noshing on these delectable sandwiches really adds a great dimension to the experience. The baguettes are completely homemade and incorporate alot of local ingredients. Most sandwiches are in the $8-$10 range. I highly recommend opting for their new seasonal sandwich, the Kale and Avocado with a butternut squash spread.

3. Pan Roasted Corn from The Tempest

Ok, yes The Tempest is an upscale restaurant and certainly not the cheapest, but if you want to get a taste of what celebrity chef, Jamie Lynch is offering up in his new seafood- oriented restaurant, I highly recommend opting for the Pan Roasted Corn, which is one of the “sides” options on the menu. Though it is only a side, it is a pretty hefty portion for a side and is full of so many vibrant flavors. The Pan Roasted Corn rings in at $12, which is one of the cheapest options on the menu. Not to mention, you’ll get complimentary bread to start and cognac and cigars to finish!

4. A Small Plate at Chasing Sage

I’m not naming anything specific here because what is unique about Chasing Sage is that they change out their culinary concept about every 3 weeks. So far they have done Thai, Moroccan and Korean BBQ themed food concepts. Just this weekend, they finished up with their Thai themed food concept and will soon be coming out with a new one. They are only allowing you to order your food to-go, so you will have to enjoy this meal at home. I had the opportunity to try their Moroccan and Thai food concepts and both were crazy delicious and really seemed to capture the true authentic tastes of each type of cuisine. I recommend opting for a few of the small plates if they are being offered. They typically range from $5-$10. Make sure you are following Chasing Sage on Instagram to find out what their next concept will be!

5. Pizza at Gale

You really can’t go wrong with anything you order on the menu at Gale. Located at the bottom of the Meeting Street Lofts apartments in downtown Charleston, this restaurant is home to the most delectable homemade pizza with dough so soft, it melts in your mouth. They’ve got some killer small plate items as well, with most that cost $10 or less. They use fresh, local ingredients which really adds great flavor to their dishes. I highly recommend going on Sunday nights, when you can enjoy $10 pizzas for their new “Taking Back Sundays” weekly event.

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