REVIEW: Get Your BBQ on at 843 Korean BBQ and Sushi House

Bet you didn’t know that you only have to go as far as Rivers Ave in North Charleston to get an authentic Korean BBQ experience! Recently, a few friends and I decided to head out to North Chuck and check out 843 Korean BBQ. We had heard about their super safe COVID protocols and great things about their authentic Korean cuisine, we knew it was time to get our fill. 

If you’ve never had Korean BBQ before, the way it works is you sit at a large table with a group of people and the table surrounds a grill. You order from a selection of different kinds of meat. Your server brings the meat to your table raw, and its up to you to do the cooking! Yes, you get to barbecue your own meat directly in front of you at your table. Korean BBQ has this dining option on one side of the restaurant and on the other side is your typical dine-in experience (you don’t cook your own meat). Aside from the barbecue experience, Korean BBQ has many other great options on their menu. 

When we went to Korean 843, there was a long wait for the barbecue side of the restaurant, so we opted to sit on the side of the restaurant where they make the food for you. Everything we ate was incredibly delicious. I had a poke bowl, a friend of mine had their beef bulgogi, and a few other friends had the special of the night, which was an oxtail noodle soup. The bulgogi dish came out steaming hot in a cast iron pan and was mixed with veggies and the most delicious sauce that had both tangy and spicy flavors. The poke bowl was tasty and gorgeous all at the same time. From the perfect arrangement of the veggies and flower carefully placed on top, to the sweet flavor from the sesame sauce smothered throughout the dish, it was gone in mere minutes. My friends who ordered the oxtail noodle soup were amazed at the complex flavors of the dish and were excited to be eating something that you probably would never find in most restaurants in Charleston. 

We not only were wowed by the food, but we were also were very impressed with their COVID safe procedures. There was enforced one-way traffic going in and out of the restaurant, we were told to wait outside for our table, there was a bar with plexiglass in front of it, and all staff was wearing masks. It’s safe to say that if you want a unique and super safe dining experience, 843 Korean BBQ is definitely the place to go!

As for affordability, each of our meals were about $20 each, with tip included (not including drinks). That price may seem a bit hefty to some, but the portions are large, so you will more than likely have enough leftover to take home with you for a meal the next day. Not to mention, you get a one-of-a-kind dining experience with exceptional food, making the price well worth it.

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