What You Need To Be Eating In 2021

It’s New Years Eve, the last night of one of the most difficult years to date. The struggle has been so real, not only for the general world population, but also for restaurants and small businesses. When the pandemic began, I soon realized how badly it would impact the food industry and knew I needed to do whatever I could to save it. That meant that even though it took awhile for restaurants to fully open, I was ordering takeout from my favorite restaurants multiple times a week. Once restaurants did fully open, I carefully selected restaurants that were taking all the right COVID precautions and had a good amount of outdoor seating available. I also continued ordering takeout on the regular. Even after a whole year has passed during this pandemic, many restaurants continue to struggle to make ends meet. This is why we all need to continue doing our part to support them, so that our favorite restaurants can stay afloat. Keep reading to see what my go-to meals were this year (you may remember some from previous posts), so that you can also enjoy them in 2021.


This bowl really hit a home run for me. It was complete with a colorful assortment of veggies, such as roasted sweet potatoes, tumeric onions, matchstick carrots, and Brussels sprouts. The veggies were combined with crispy brown rice, as well as the most delicious miso almond butter, creating a unique and delectable nutty flavor. The hummus smothered around the side of the bowl added the perfect amount of creaminess to the dish. I was a frequent visitor of Butcher and Bee this year, due to their super safe COVID precautions, their takeout capabilities, and their well-distanced outdoor seating.


I couldn’t get enough of Edmunds Oast this year, with their ultra-safe COVID precautions. They even added tables to their outdoor patio to allow more room for outside dining. Patrons were asked to order their food at the outside bar and the food was served in disposable containers. My favorite dish on their menu was the Crunchy Salad, which was composed of green apples, almonds, raisins, fresh greens, and a deliciously tangy homemade green goddess dressing. I loved the sweet and nutty flavors of this salad. I added poached shrimp to the salad, which had a tangy flavor and slight crunchy texture.


Baguette Magic is truly magic when it comes to their plentiful assortment of sandwiches served on their freshly baked baguettes. I loved how easy it was to place an order online and pick my sandwich up on the way for a day of lounging at the beach. My favorite sandwiches are the avocado sandwich (though no longer on the menu) and the Recovery Baguette, complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, prosciutto, white cheddar, tomato jam and arugula. It has all the right smoky, cheesy flavors and textures.


I was also a very frequent visitor of Workshop on upper King as they had plentiful outdoor seating available and an easy online ordering system. My favorite places to order from are Saha Mediterranean and Maam Saab. I love the tabbouli and the hummus at Saha. They are both full of rich, tangy and authentic flavors. The bread that the hummus is served with is warm and has a soft, chewy texture which paired quite well with the hummus. I also loved the Lahori Cholay with Puri dish from Maam Saab, which is Pakistani. It is chickpeas cooked into a curry with traditional spices. It is garnished with coriander and onions. I loved the thick texture of the dish combined with the unique spicy flavors.

The Daily

If you haven’t already noticed, I really love hummus. The Daily has done a great job of facilitating an excellent online ordering system, as they have not had indoor seating available for most of the year. I love their hummus bowl, which is complete with their extra tangy and creamy hummus, soft pita bread, diced cucumber and tomatoes, and the optional spaghetti squash and greens on the side. I also love their Farmer’s Hash, which is complete with spaghetti squash mixed with greens and romesco sauce, and is topped with a fried egg. I highly recommend opting for the Farmer’s Hash for breakfast and the hummus bowl for lunch!

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