Running on Ramen

If you haven’t already noticed, ramen is making quite the appearance in Charleston these days. From ramen pop-ups to new ramen menu additions, there is plenty to go around! Seeing as it is what has been deemed “ramen season”, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of my go-to spots for ramen right now.


Chasing Sage has quickly become one of my favorite spots for takeout during the pandemic. Their unique pop ups featuring various ethnic foods have not disappointed. Right now they are doing a ramen pop up called “Everybody Loves Ramen” that is available for takeout or you can enjoy it in to-go containers at the tables outside the restaurant. They are offering a vegetable ramen and a pork ramen called Tonkatsu ramen. Upon my visit to this ramen pop-up, I opted for the vegetable ramen which was full of rich flavors and ingredients. It is made with a miso mushroom broth, bok choi, a hard-boiled egg, sesame, king oyster mushrooms, and is served with Japanese pickles. Hearty, flavorful and delicious, you really can’t go wrong with this ramen. The Tonkatsu ramen rings in at $14 and the vegetable ramen rings in at $12, making this one of the cheapest spots for ramen in the city.


Recently, Jackrabbit Filly held its annual “Ramen With Friends” fundraiser throughout the month of January. Each week they welcomed a local guest chef into their kitchen who cooked up their own unique take on a ramen dish and offered it up to the community. I ordered takeout ramen on the final night of the fundraiser, in which Jeremiah Bacon of The Indigo Road restaurant group was cooking. I opted for the sweet potato ramen and I also ordered the pork belly ramen for my dad. What I loved about this ramen was that they definitely didn’t skimp out on the noodles. There was a perfect noodles to broth ratio and the addition of sweet potato provided a unique sweet taste to the dish. Ringing in at $15, this ramen is definitely not the cheapest but this is the price you’ll pay for most ramen in Charleston. Luckily, Jackrabbit Filly does a good job of making their ramen worth the price. Unfortunately Ramen with Friends is now over, but Jackrabbit Filly has plenty of other amazing options on their menu. Most similar to ramen would be their stir-fried noodles, which incorporates ramen noodles in the dish. Don’t miss out!

vegetable ramen
pork ramen


2 Nixons is a pop up that offers ramen on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for both lunch and dinner at Proof downtown on King Street. Each week they offer different kinds of ramen. Recently I tried a triple garlic shoyu ramen that was crazy delicious. The dish was complete with egg, pickles, mushroom, and pickled tomatoes. The noodles were extra thick and the pickled tomatoes added to the dish really took it up a notch. It was tangy and tart all at the same time and I savored every bit. This ramen typically rings in at $15 (yeah, pretty much the standard ramen price in Chucktown), and though the price is a bit steep it is definitely worth the splurge every now and then!

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