Wine and Dine at Graft Wine Shop & Bar

There is nothing I love more than a wine bar and Graft truly is a haven of some of the best wines the city has to offer. I had driven and walked past Graft many times and for some strange reason, never thought to walk in and actually try some of their provisions. A friend of mine is a regular at Graft and recently invited me on one of her weekly ventures over to the wine bar. I was pleased to see that despite being a very small wine bar, they had great COVID precautions with seating well spaced, including at the bar and they kept the front door open, so that the bar was well ventilated. Sure do love to see that!

My friend and I took seats at the bar and began perusing their extensive menu of European, Australian and Californian wines, as well as light snack-y options such as various cheeses, biscuits, and dips. My friend opted for the “Tuff-Nutt” Pet-Nat Australian sparkling wine ($12) and I opted for the Spanish “Dominio De Heredia” Rioja ($9). Obviously fancy wine from other countries isn’t always going to be the cheapest wine out there, but Graft does a great job of making your visit well worth what you spend. You can be like me too, and opt for some of the cheapest things on the menu and still enjoy some excellent wine and food.

For snacks to compliment our wine, we opted for the Callie’s “In-Between’s”($8), which are made by the fabulous team at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. These hand-made biscuits are basically a much smaller and flatter version of your average biscuit and are made with chorizo and cheddar cheese. They are served with pickled red onions which we thoroughly enjoyed topping our In-Between’s with, creating the most delectable cheesy and tart flavor combo. Not to mention, the moist and warm texture upon biting into one of these was top-notch.

We also enjoyed one of their cheese selections. We opted for the Weinkase LaGrein semi-soft cheese from Italy ($9). We loved the tangy flavor of the cheese and its slightly soft texture. It was paired with olives and freshly cut and warm bread. Truly such a delicious combo!

I also took note of their plentiful retail section. They have wine bottles for sale surrounding the bar and the best part is that they aren’t crazy expensive and are very unique wines from all over the world. My friend told me she buys all her wine for the week at Graft and I think it’s safe to say I may be soon doing the same! If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Graft, I highly recommend treating yourself one evening very soon.

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