5 Things I Ate This Week

  1. Homemade Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cucumber Salad and Browns Court Bakery Buns

Ok, I know I’m not much of a meat eater, but when it comes to homemade pulled pork, I definitely find myself needing to indulge a bit – especially when it is made from the recipe of a top notch chef (who also happens to be a close family friend!). My parents had some neighbors and I over one evening, and my mom found it to be the perfect evening to get adventurous in the kitchen! She brined and cooked the pork over the course of 24 hours, and finished it off with a sweet brown sugar coating. She complimented the dish with sliced red cabbage, a homemade cucumber salad, a homemade hollandaise sauce, and provided the option of corn tortillas or Browns Court Bakery buns to make tacos or sandwiches with the pork. The meal was so full of flavor and bright colors. I just couldn’t get enough!

2. Lemon Chickpea Soup

After a meaty meal, I was definitely ready to get back to my veggies! I cooked up this hearty and thick stew from a recipe I found from a fellow blogger. Her name is Peyton Bratte and you can find her on Instagram at @choosing_balance. I love all her recipes. They are mostly vegetarian, healthy and are also quite creative! I had recently gotten a bunch of veggies from my Community Supported Grocery bundle and found this to be the perfect opportunity to put them to use! I loved the strong lemon flavor in this soup combined with the thick texture provided by purred chickpeas. Will definitely be putting this meal on repeat!

3. Wonderwall Smoothie

I decided to check out a new smoothie bar for lunch on one of my days off this week. Oasis recently opened a small restaurant on the side of a building on Meeting Street. It’s easy to miss, so listen to your GPS when it tells you to turn! Oasis sells a variety of smoothies, healthy toast combos, juices, acai bowls, salads, and grain bowls. I opted for their Wonderwall Smoothie, which consists of local strawberries, banana, peanut butter, and orange juice. This smoothie only cost me about $7 which is a pretty reasonable price compared to most smoothie restaurants in Charleston! Not to mention it was perfectly creamy, nutty, tart and sweet all at the same time. Definitely will be frequenting Oasis as the weather gets warmer!

4. Buddha Bowl from LOL4Lunch

On Wednesday evening, I decided to check out the weekly farmers market at Holy City Brewery. You can find the market yourself each Wednesday at the brewery from 4-7pm. I purchased several things, including this buddha bowl from a local organic and vegan meal service provider called LOL, which stands for Lauren’s Organic Lunchbox. Lauren makes a variety of healthy meals and snack packs, which you can order for the week at her website (http://www.lol4lunch.com). You can also do what I did and purchase one of her meals at the farmers market and eat a little bit of it every day. It can easily be enough for at least 2 meals! The buddha bowl cost me $15 and considering it lasted me a few days, it was well worth the price, and not to mention super delicious!

5. Curried Sweet Potatoes from Edmunds Oast

I spent an evening out on the patio with my parents one evening at Edmund’s Oast and ordered the most delicious spicy margarita and paired it with one of their new dishes, curried sweet potatoes. This dish consists of red curried roasted sweet potatoes placed on top of Carolina gold rice. The dish was delicious but maybe a tad bit too spicy for my taste buds. The creamy texture of the rice however was on point and paired wonderfully with the sweet potatoes. If you’re into spicy foods, definitely don’t miss out on this dish! It is priced at $18, which is a bit hefty but if you’re feeling adventurous it is definitely worth the splurge.

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