My Favorite Easter Week Noms

Ok y’all, we’re keeping it short and sweet this week. I got my second vaccination this week (yay!), so obviously I’ve been taking it easy. Don’t worry though, I still did my fair share of eating. Keep reading to see the highlights!

Zata’ar Arepas

If you haven’t yet experienced the arepa heaven that is Mama’s Ana’s Arepas, you really need to be closely examining all your life choices. Mama Ana’s is a Columbian pop-up arepa concept brought to you by Ana herself (also known in the Instagram world as @beergirlmeetsworld). At each pop-up event, she features her own unique twist on an arepa, which is essentially a thick, warm and moist corn pancake with various toppings. This week I attended her pop-up event at Graft Wine Shop, where she was featuring arepas topped with zata’ar spice, house made labneh and pomegranate molasses. In addition to the zata’ar arepas, she also featured cheese arepas, which were stuffed with cheese and topped with a house infused honey. I opted for the zata’ar arepas, which were 3 for $16. Yeah, ok not the cheapest price, but definitely worth the splurge with those extra delicious and unique toppings and fresh, homemade arepas! Make sure you are following her on social media to see where she is headed next!

Pickled Shrimp Salad

I celebrated my second vaccination with a trip to the brand new Kingstide restaurant on Daniel Island. My favorite dish of all the things I tried (post on that coming soon!) was the pickled shrimp salad. I loved how flavorful and vibrant this dish was. It was complete with sliced cabbage, cilantro, peanuts, prik nam pla sauce and of course the most delicious and flavorful shrimp! I will definitely be ordering this again. Ringing in at $13, this dish proves to be a pretty good bang for your buck, considering it would probably be enough for 2 people to split!

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