A Taste of India at Sambar

Recently I had the opportunity to try some of the delicious things that Sambar, an Indian pop-up food concept had to offer at Westbrook Brewery. Sambar formerly had a stall at Workshop, but now operates as a pop up at various locations periodically around Charleston. On Sunday, they held a tandoori pop-up at Westbrook Brewery and I just knew I needed to go get my fill. I tried all the things that were on the pop-up menu and not one thing disappointed. Read on to see what I indulged in!

Vegetable Tandoori on Pita

If you’re wondering what exactly Tandoori is, it is a cooking method that involves a large bowl-shaped oven that is heated by charcoal at the bottom. Typically meat and vegetable skewers are cooked on top. In fact, the vegetables that were placed inside my pita were cooked on skewers. They were cooked in all kinds of delicious Indian spices and were placed on top of a grilled pita, smothered in a curried lentil spread. It was huge but also incredibly delicious and I had enough leftover for lunch the next day! The pita was priced at just a little over $10, making this meal well worth the price!

Vegetable Tandoori Chickpea Salad

I balanced out the pita sandwich with a salad, which consisted of spiced chickpeas, tandoori grilled vegetables and cabbage. I loved the rich flavors of the seasoned chickpeas, as well as the smoky flavor of the grilled vegetables. This salad was definitely the highlight of the two meal options provided and it was devoured in minutes! I would definitely order this again. The salad was priced at $10, and was a pretty solid portion. If you ever find this salad offered at another Sambar pop-up, I highly recommend ordering it!

Make sure you are following Sambar on Facebook and Instagram to find out where they’ll be popping up next! You definitely don’t want to miss out. It truly is a great way to get a taste of authentic Indian cooking.

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