Sausage and Gravy is Everything You Need at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit has held a very special spot in in my heart ever since I moved to Charleston 7 years ago. The first time I tried one of these amazing buttery creations, I think part of me actually died and went to heaven. I don’t know how Carrie Morey, the founder of Callie’s mastered her biscuit recipe so well. What I love most about these biscuits is how moist, delicate and full of flavor they are. I also love that when you walk into any of their shops, you are immediately greeted with the smell of biscuits baking in the oven and you can see the staff literally rolling biscuit dough in front of you as you place your order.

Recently I had the opportunity to try their sausage and gravy biscuit, which incorporates their brand new sausage and gravy recipe! This meal consists of two halves of a biscuit smothered in the sausage and gravy combo. I’m not usually one for sausage and gravy, but this biscuit was definitely one for the books. The biscuit itself was perfectly warm and moist per usual, and the sausage and gravy was wonderfully creamy and full of salty and slightly spicy flavors. It seemed to pair so perfectly with the warm and moist texture of the biscuit. If you are a fan of sausage and gravy, but need a one up from fast food sausage and gravy that is lacking in flavor and makes your biscuit too soggy, this is exactly what you need for your next breakfast. Don’t miss out!

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