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Bet you didn’t know that Charleston is not only full of amazing restaurants but also home to many people who have nailed down old family recipes, as well as recipes that are traditional to their native countries and are now bringing those recipes to Charleston! I’ve recently had the opportunity to try some of these locally made products and am here to tell you all about them.

SuMi Argentine Bakery

SuMi Bakery is owned and operated by Andrea Chiorazzo, a Mt. Pleasant local. This bakery is famous for their made-from-scratch Alfajores, which are a traditional and very famous cookie in Argentina, as well as in various other South American countries. Andrea recently gave me the opportunity to try a variety of her Alfajores cookie flavors and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. I tried her dulce de leche flavor, as well as a few of her chocolate dipped Alfajores. The cookies were soft and sweet to the bite and creamy and rich on the inside. They are truly the perfect tea-time snack (if you’re into that), or even a light snack or post-dinner dessert! To get yourself some of these perfect Argentine delicacies, be sure to place an order for a dozen or more by sending Andrea a message through one of her social media channels.

  • Instagram: @sumi.a.bakery
  • Facebook: SuMi Argentine Bakery
Dulce de Leche and Chocolate-Dipped Alfajores

Diego’s Empanadas

If you need more Argentine delicacies in your life, Diego’s Empanadas are what you need to be indulging in next! Diego specializes in made-from-scratch Argentine style empanadas. There are multiple varieties available for purchase, including beef, spinach, corn, caprese, and chicken empanadas and they are all made with unbleached wheat flour. I recently had the opportunity to try a batch of the beef empanadas and they were probably some of the best I had eaten in a long time. They come frozen in small packages, but all you need to do is heat them up in the oven or toaster oven for about 15-20 minutes at 450. Voila! You have freshly made empanadas oozing with cheese in front of you. I loved that these empanadas didn’t taste super deep fried and you could really taste the fresh hand-made dough. The beef on the inside was perfectly seasoned and mixed with peppers, onions and a plethora of delicious cheese. I can’t wait to order more! You can find these empanadas at various pop-up events around Charleston, as well as by ordering them directly through Diego himself. Shoot him a message on Instagram or Facebook. Empanadas are sold in packs of 5 (same flavor) for $14.

  • Instagram: @diegosempanadas
  • Facebook: Diego’s Empanadas
Beef Empanadas

Mabel Mae’s Bakery

Mabel Mae’s is owned and operated by Niki Dube. This bakery is unique in that it specializes in baked goods that are dairy free and made with unrefined and processed sugars. The bakery also specializes in natural lactation treats that are great for mother’s looking to increase their milk supply (don’t worry they are great for those who aren’t too!). I have developed a deep love for Mabel Mae’s treats over the past few months, and have found myself buying her treats at weekly farmers markets because I just can’t get enough! Niki offers a variety of treats consisting of items such as Chocolate Suprise Cookies, Drop the Beet Cookies, Bliss Bars, Coconut Quarantine Bars and even cakes! I’ve recently become obsessed with her carrot cake, as well as the Coconut Quarantine Bars, which are made with date syrup, coconut, banana chips, nuts, peanut butter and a chocolate drizzle. It’s honestly hard to believe these treats have no refined sugar because they are highly addictive but are great because you don’t feel totally gross after eating them either! You can order your Mabel Mae’s treats by placing an order through the website or by finding Niki at the Holy City Farmer’s Market on Wednesday evenings at Holy City Brewery, as well as other pop-up events.

Coconut Quarantine Bar and Lemon Blueberry Bar

Lillie Fuel

Lillie Fuel is a family-owned and operated meal delivery service that specializes in foods that are great for babies and adults alike. Meals are created daily by executive chef, Alex Presswood and consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items, as well as fruit purees for babies. They recently opened up a brick and mortar shop on Coleman Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant and now offer an online ordering system, in which you place your order through their website and pick it up at the shop. One of my favorite things that they offer are their bento boxes, which consist of an entree and two sides and are served in a small pre-portioned container. They usually only cost about $6 each and are healthy and perfectly filling. Lillie Fuel prides their products on the use of farm fresh, local produce. Not only can your order their food at their brick and mortar but you can also find their products at various farmers markets around Charleston. I typically order snacks or a bento box from them at the Mt. Pleasant or James Island Farmers Markets. You definitely don’t want to miss out on a Lillie Fuel meal!

Sunflower Maple Cookies

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