Fine French Cuisine at Saveurs du Monde

Recently I checked out the Saveurs du Monde’s newest location in the Westedge shopping center downtown. Saveurs du Monde now has three different locations in Charleston. There is one on Long Point Road, one in the Seaside Shopping center (both in Mt. Pleasant) and finally the location in Westedge. The location in Westedge differs greatly than the other locations in that it is the largest and offers evening dinner and bar service. I was quite eager to see what it was all about!

The area of the restaurant that is reserved for dinner service is quite small, but also provides the perfect opportunity for personalized and elegant dining and drink service. We soon discovered that our waiter was in fact french and the executive chef himself was also from France so we knew we were getting the real deal!

Ok, so their dinner menu is definitely not the cheapest form of dining, but if you want to splurge and get an authentic French dining experience, this restaurant is the way to go. We did try to choose food that was among the cheaper options on the menu, such as the mussels ($12), the Crab A La Parisienne ($14), the gazpacho ($12) and the Burger New Lode ($32).

The mussels were served in a creamy white wine broth and were extra buttery and seemed to melt right in our mouths. We loved how easy to munch on these were, while still maintaining a very satisfactory flavor to tide us over until the rest of our food arrived. The mussels were served with freshly baked bread and butter. Yum!

For our main courses, we had a few of the things on the appetizer part of the menu and one thing from the entree section. I always find that when dining at a more expensive restaurant, trying to create the main part of your meal off the appetizer section is the best way to go. I enjoyed their gazpacho, which was a chilled vegetable soup that was salty, tangy and full of zesty flavor. It was paired with toasted bread, topped with a pesto spread. Dipping the bread in the gazpacho provided the ultimate flavor fusion! My mom enjoyed their Crab A La Parisienne, which consisted of crab leg, broccoli, carrots, and zucchini all mixed together to form one large heaping mound of goodness. There was some spiced mayo, lobster cream and seaweed thrown into the mixture as well. I not only loved the unique flavor combos of this dish, but also the creamy and thick textures thrown in as well. Lastly, we tried the Burger New Lode, which was a burger stacked very high and filled with mayo, minced oysters, red onion and ginger confit, a homemade beef patty, gouda cheese and beef jus. The burger was served with fries, which were essentially roasted diced potatoes. The minced oysters and the confit were definitely the highlights of this dish. I mean who knew you could mince oysters?! The confit had both sweet and tangy flavors and complimented this dish quite well. This burger was definitely well worth the splurge!

As delicious as our dinner was at Saveurs du Monde, I couldn’t help but wish their menu was slightly more expansive. I hope that as their restaurant continues to grow and thrive that they incorporate more vegetable dishes into their menu, as well as more fish oriented dishes and more CHEESE! Obviously you can’t have a French restaurant and not have a plethora of cheese on your menu. Finally, I will say that if you are looking for a much more budget friendly meal than what is offered through their dinner service, I highly recommend visiting the restaurant for breakfast or lunch. They offer delicious pastries and breakfast sandwiches, as well as crepes and quiches for lunch that are mostly in the $10 range. Bon appetit!

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