Dining Out and Eating Local

It’s summer time y’all and its honestly my favorite time of year. Not only am I the weird one who loves the heat, but I love the abundance of local produce that is available right now. Farmers markets are in full swing and restaurants are serving up dishes with some of the most beautiful and fresh local produce around. I thought it was the perfect time to tell you about a few of my favorite restaurant dishes that incorporate local produce and other locally made goods.

Holy City Brewery

Holy City is one of my all time favorite breweries in Charleston. Located in North Charleston off of Spruill Ave, this brewery not only offers a great craft beer selection, but a killer food menu as well. Recently they started serving a black bean hummus on their appetizer menu that is served with fresh rainbow carrots, and pretzel crisps. This dish is purely divine and you definitely do not want to skip out on this health-filled $8.00 dish to balance out the burger you’ll be eating next!

Rutledge Cab Company

Rutledge Cab Company is located in the upper peninsula on Rutledge Avenue and serves up a variety of delicious apps, salads, burgers, pasta dishes and even milkshakes! One of my favorite apps on their menu right now are their shishito peppers. Shishito peppers are basically right in between a jalapeno and a sweet pepper in terms of heat level. If you like a bit of heat, but not an overpowering amount, these peppers are for you! Not to mention they are super in season right now. Rutledge Cab Company serves up these delicacies sauteed with local Marsh Hen Mill benne seeds, some lime, teriyaki seasoning and pairs them with a roasted green onion aioli dipping sauce. If there is one way to get yourself to eat veggies, these peppers are the ticket! You’ll get a small cast iron skillet of them for $11 and its definitely enough for two to share (if you want).


Micho is located in an orange shipping container (literally) on the deck of the Pour House on James Island. Micho serves up gourmet tacos on locally made Milta corn tortillas. Not only are all their meats made fresh in-house, but they also incorporate fresh produce into their tacos as well. My favorites are the Hongos (mushroom) taco and the Roasted Cauliflower taco. You can get 3 tacos for $11.95, which is an excellent deal! Pro tip: check out the live music schedule at Pour House so you can be sure to enjoy your tacos with some excellent live music in the background!

Bay Street Biergarten

Bay Street Biergarten, located of course on East Bay Street is the perfect hang out for Sunday brunch or Friday night chilling with friends. Upon recent discovery, this restaurant is serving up a delicious asparagus and corn salad for just $10. The salad is made with Belgium endives, radish, peanuts, oranges and a lemon dill dressing. I can’t guarantee that all the ingredients in this salad are local, however they are all super fresh and seasonal. The salad itself is delicious and is full of citrus and nutty flavors. The asparagus is cooked to perfection, providing a slight crunchy texture to the salad. It’s the perfect thing to pair with a plate of Freaky Taters!

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